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Liquid Heat Resistant Paints

Orbit has wide range of liquid heat resistant paints to resist temperature from 250 °C to
650 °C. To know more about the Orsil Liquid Heat Resistant Paint range and products.

Heat Resistant Powder

Orbit has wide range of Heat Resistant Powder Coatings to resist temperature from 250 °C to 650 °C. To know more about the Orbit Heat Resistant Powder range and products.


Orbit's Omega Powder has wide range of epoxy, polyurethane, Polyester based TGIC free coatings. To know more about the Orbit Heat Resistant Powder range and products.


Some Fun Facts

Happy Clients

Proudly serviced 100+ clients from all over the world.

Projects Done

Successfully executed 500+ project for our esteemed clients.

Heat Solutions

We have wide variety of products to provide heat resistance coating and paints.

Skilled Resources

Our main assets are highly skilled and dedicated experts who are well qualified and rich in experience.

who we are ?

Known Something About Us

Our Vision

At Orbit, our vision is to make a positive impact on the world and inspire others to do the same through our business. We
are committed to creating eco-friendly solutions that leave a lasting mark on the world while ensuring consistent growth
and development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce our carbon footprint through sustainable and innovative development activities. We strive to become the preferred eco-friendly solution provider for our clients, offering them the best solutions that meet their needs while also being environmentally responsible.


What we do to maintain Quality?

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

The powder quality and its coverage mainly depend upon particle size distribution. At Orbit continuous monitoring of particle size is done by Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Muffle Fumace & Water Ouenching

Orbit heat resistant products are tested for high heat -water quenching cyclic tests are carried out on the panels in Muffle Furnace for confirming heat resistance Of the product.

Satt Spray Testing

The corrosion resistance of the products before and after heat tests are carried out as per ASTM standard to confirm behavior in corrosive environment. In parallel. performance powder are also being tested to assess. actual product performance.


Research and Development

Our research is a continuous on-going process to offer the best solutions to our important clientele. Out marketing team is always in contact with our customer to gather their requirements. They also study the application processes and their requirements. Our R & D works on these demands and finds the best and the most economical solution keeping a green environment in mind. Our R&D team lead by the top most authority in the organization, keeps abreast with the new global technologies. Orbit always endeavors to bring in new technologies.

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Since 1987, ORBIT COATINGS is a leading Powder Coating & Heat Resistant Paint Manufacturing Company in India, backed with fully equipped state-of-the-art plant and high performance imported machineries. ORBIT has set its mission to be -Total solutions in Powder Coatings. Read More!

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