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Metal Pre-Treatment

Metal Pre-Treatment

Metal Pre-treatment prior to powder coating is essential step to ensure proper coating performance. Metal Pre -treatment prior to powder coating is of two types.

  • Mechanical Surface Preparation
  • Chemical Surface Preparation

For powder coating most commonly used surface preparation method is chemical pre-treatment. It is essential for an applicator to know the following:

  • Need for Pre-treatment
  • Surface Preparation

Need for Pre-treatment

The performance of powder coating on a metallic surface mainly depends on Proper Pre-treatment of the substrate. Proper pre-treatment is an essential factor because of the following advantages:

  • Pre-treatment process provides a clear, uniform, oil-grease free surface
  • Provides good adhesion of film
  • It forms an inert layer which inhibit the corrosion of the paint film

Surface Preparation

The general pre-treatment process for surface preparation follows the sequence as below. Click on these link for more process details: