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Powder Coating-Introduction

Why Powder Coating?

Thermo setting powder coatings are now generally recognized as having a significant role in the metal finishing industries world-wide. Powder coatings have been a commercial reality now for close to thirty years.

Powder coatings are used for the same key reasons as any surface finishing process:

  • To protect the substrate they have been applied to
  • To enhance the appearance of the item they have been applied to
  • The key benefits of powder coatings are often summarized by the five E's of powder coating:
  • Ease of application
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical
  • Excellence of finish
  • Excellence of performance

Other benefits include:

  • The elimination to a large extent of solid waste disposal problems
  • Solvent emissions are virtually eliminated, resulting in much easier compliance with EPA regulations
  • Energy costs are greatly reduced and Volatile Organic Component easily controlled
  • No solvents are required in mixing, cleaning or maintenance
  • Up to 99% of powder overspray can be recovered and reused. The 1% residual can easily be disposed off as a solid

For these reasons there has been a rapid growth in the coating industry.
Powder coatings are often used as alternatives to liquid paint finishing. In comparisons with traditional liquid finishing, powder coatings offer two significant application benefits:

  • They are single coat finishes, with no primer required
  • High film thickness can be achieved with a single coat

The powder coating application process is also readily automated, enabling high volume industrial application plants to operate economically with a minimum of rejects.

These benefits have enabled powder coatings to take a significant share of the industrial finishing market.