WELCOME TO ORBIT COATINGS-Total Solutions in Powder Coatings and Heat Resistant Paints

Orbit Coatings is a leading Powder Coatings Manufacturing Company in India, backed with fully equipped state-of-the-art plant and high performance imported machinery. Orbit has set its mission to be -Total solutions in Powder Coatings. The Focus is to deliver quality powder coatings of a significant performance at a cost advantage & ensure maximum value to our Customers. Read More

Our research is a continuous on- going process to offer the best solutions to our discerning clientele.Read More

Orbit range of heat resistant products specially developed for various applications such as Tractor, Silencers,Two Wheeler Silencers, Automobile Silencers etc.Read More

Download Product Catalog of our various products in Powder Coatings and Heat Resistant Paints.